Welcome to Magma Granite Ltd Granite and Quartz Suppliers. 

Magma Granite Ltd is an established, family run business based in Flintshire.

We specialise in bespoke Granite, Quartz, and a wide variety of other natural stones used for Worktops, Bar Tops, Vanities, Fire hearths and surrounds and much more.

We have many years’ experience in the trade and pride ourselves on high quality workmanship. All our products are finished to the highest standard and we pay an exceptional attention to detail from start to finish. You will therefore be guaranteed of a first-class job every time.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We create exceptional worktops, for all residential and commercial developments.


Granite & Quartz Worktops

At Magma Granite we specialise in manufacturing custom made granite and quartz worktops and worksurfaces in our workshop in Flintshire.

The iconic style, strength and durability of granite and quartz deliver exceptional and breath-taking residential and commercial surfaces. Our family-run and owned business specialises in manufacturing bespoke kitchen worktops, countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, bar tops and a wide range of surfaces.

We supply and install superior granite and quartz surfaces to homes and businesses located throughout the North West. You may have seen our work in Chester, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales. Gleaming, perfectly appointed surfaces. Lasting sophistication, solid practicality and authentic beauty are the signature elements of granite and quartz. We couldn’t be prouder of our products.

The master craftsman within our workshop craft, cut, shape, polish and create tailor-made surfaces to suit your needs. The limitless potential and natural beauty of granite and quartz deliver extraordinary results.

You don’t need to do a thing …except select your surface material. Just talk to us about your vision. The superior colour quality of the quartz and granite waiting in our workshop echo our exacting standards and reflect our perfect finishes. We are here to help you choose the right material for your perfect product. Our website features a fraction of the spectrum of colours we have available.

Polished slabs of granite and quartz arrive at our Flintshire factory from all over the world. We import our materials from carefully selected granite suppliers and quartz suppliers. Exceptional materials reflecting our passion for the craft of masonry including CRL Quartz Surfaces, Caesarsteon and Silestone. These are spectacular slabs of gleaming stone measuring approximately 3.3m in length and 2m in height. We cut to the exact size and specifications you require.

Working with quartz and granite is a craft we respect and admire. Our customers choose these magnificent materials because they are stylish, practical and create the perfect finishing touch to their transformed space.

Granite is considered the oldest rock form in the world, dating back millions of years. It’s composed of interconnected crystals formed from melted and cooled magma. This is the substance we talk about when we say “solid as a rock”. Granite is mined all over the world, and is a testament to the authentic power and beauty of nature. The naturally occurring and extraordinary variety of colours are a marvel to bespoke granite suppliers like us - and to our clientele.

Quartz is just as extraordinary. The fundamental difference between granite and quartz is that quartz surfaces are man-made. Nothing can match quartz for its breath-taking range of hues and colours. As a crystal, quartz is pretty impressive. For example, splinters of quartz are used to keep precise time inside exclusive watches and timepieces, thanks to quartz’s powerful piezo-electric properties.

Working with granite and quartz is nothing new. It’s a craft and, as such, the tools and methods refine over time. Here in the UK, we have celebrated the wonders of granite across the length and breadth of our country for hundreds of years. Cornish Cheesewring granite gave London’s Tower Bridge its iconic look. Famous landmarks such as Nelson’s Column feature Froggintor granite. Just ask our team for comparable local examples! The tools and methodology we have at our disposal today are second to none.

If you are considering updating your commercial or residential surfaces with granite or quartz, simply give us a call. It’s a fantastic investment. We will walk you through the straightforward process and answer your questions, from fit-out through to budget. No space is too challenging and no budget too small. You will benefit from the depth of our experience, professional craftspeople and our family built business. We love what we do, and we are looking forward to working with you.