White Granite Countertops & Bespoke Kitchen Worktops

At Magma Granite, our promise of creating exceptional worktops for all residential and commercial developments is central to our company. The exquisite finishes we create in our white granite countertops are renowned for their superior quality and aesthetic appeal whilst being sturdy and durable for the uses they will encounter over the years. We have worked hard to retain the family business feel we have cultivated over the past decades.

From our workshop location in Flintshire, North Wales, we are able to deliver and install (if required) our products to the North of Wales and Northwest of England, including Liverpool, Chester and Cheshire. Our professional team of trusted fitters will ensure a flawless installation of your brand new white granite kitchen worktops, countertop or other form of worktop.

The very nature of our premium white granite worktops and countertops makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. In our search for the highest standard of material and adhering to our promise of delivering exceptional quality to homes and businesses, they have been carefully selected from leading suppliers all over the world. We have decades of experience in creating products that our clients hold in high regard.

Our laser templating service delivers the precision and accuracy required to create a truly premium product that can help to lift or complement any home or business. Here on our website, we display 25 of our most popular colours, reflecting a wide array to choose from to ensure a perfect addition to your space. However, hundreds of stunning colours and tones are available, each with their own beautiful and unique features waiting to be shaped, installed, or delivered to you.

The diligent approach we take sees our team work in accordance with your specific requirements by adhering to the dates you select and working with the material and colours you pick. This passion and dedication to our craft have ensured that we are true experts in creating exceptional white granite worktops, kitchen worktops, and countertops with only the finest materials (which come in many other colours).

If your requirements are those of a bustling and busy commercial or domestic workspace that must have a durable top quality work surface, then Magma Granite is here to deliver to your requirements. Similarly, if you require a beautiful and subtle piece that could complement the space or act in contrast to make a statement, white granite countertops in all forms are perfect. With our unmatched experience and range of options, it is simple and easy to select the right finish for your home or business.

Magma Granite now proudly supply CRL Quartz Surfaces, Caesarstone and Silestone by Consentino, all with their own unique qualities. Our website's portfolio displays many uniquely made finished products in homes and businesses, showcasing our craftsmanship. Through our social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, we offer further examples to view, together with reviews of our white granite kitchen worktops, as well as many others.

Please take a little time to look at the honest feedback and reviews we receive and perhaps follow us to see our regular content in your social media feed. We maintain a very active presence on social media to ensure contact and visible interaction with our current and future customers and to give them confidence in the white granite countertops they are purchasing or considering.

Why not contact us today via our website or telephone 01244 730700. We will be pleased to assist you with any enquiries you may have.