The Ultimate Kitchen Worktops Chester Guide

Are you in search of kitchen worktops in Chester? Magma Granite has all the answers for you!

At Magma Granite, we specialise in our Deeside workshop’s custom-made granite and quartz worktop surfaces.

This latest Magma Granite blog tells you all to need to know about our kitchen worktops in Chester service!

What Kitchen Worktops in Chester does Magma Granite provide?

Magma Granite specialises in bespoke granite, quartz and a wide range of natural stones used for worktops.

We manufacture a wide range of high-quality styles and colours for you to choose from.

Choose Magma Granite today so you can invest in a granite kitchen, bathroom, fireplace or another project that will be something to be proud of for many years to come.

What is a Granite Worktop?

A granite worktop is a type of countertop made from granite, a kind of igneous rock.

Granite is quarried in large slabs and then cut into smaller pieces that can be used for kitchen worktops in Chester.

Granite contains interlocking crystals which are randomly arranged and of various sizes.

The crystals’ size depends on how quickly the magma cools and solidifies.

Top Benefits of Granite Worktops in Chester

When it comes to kitchen worktops in Chester, granite is one of the most popular choices.

Easy to care for

Granite is very easy to care for. Simply wiping the surface with a damp cloth will keep it looking new.

If you do happen to get a stain on your granite worktop, it’s easy to remove with a little bit of elbow grease and a mild cleaner.


Granite worktops are incredibly durable and long lasting, making them an excellent investment for your home, and they are durable because of their natural properties.

They are sufficiently able to bear a lot of weight due to the rock stone surface being the heaviest of any remaining regular stones.


They are heat and scratch-resistant, meaning they can withstand everyday use without any damage.

The high heat resistance of granite is due to granite’s mineral content. And the minerals in granite are tough and resistant to heat and abrasion.

This makes granite an excellent material for worktops and other surfaces exposed to heat and wear.

Enhances Property

Granite is also a natural material, so it has its own unique beauty that can add character to your kitchen.

There are hundreds of different colours of granite worktops available from around the world, and we encourage you to come to our offices to look at what we offer.

What is a Quartz Worktop?

A quartz worktop is a kitchen surface made from quartz, a type of engineered stone.

It combines ground quartz with a resin and bonding agent to create a firm, strong surface.

Quartz worktops differ from granite worktops as they are manufactured.

Naturally occurring quartz minerals are ground down and mixed with additional by-products, creating a durable kitchen quartz worktop as an alternative to granite.

The crystals contained within quartz are more uniform due to the engineering of the stone.

When the quartz is coarsely ground, a more flecked appearance is achieved, but when the quartz is ground down to a refined substance, a smoother appearance is achieved.

Top Benefits of Quartz Worktops in Chester

Granite and Quartz Worktops share similar benefits. Both materials have strong durability, and both are scratch resistant.

Appearance – Quartz has a natural beauty that is perfect for any kitchen design.

Low water absorption – This material has low water absorption, making it perfect for a kitchen worktop.

One of the significant differences between granite and quartz worktops is quartz is prone to heat damage.

What is the Magma Granite Process?

Here at Magma Granite Ltd, we understand that choosing your perfect worktops can be difficult.

The information below shows our 5-step process from choosing your material to fitting your dream Magma Worktops in your home.

  1. Choosing your material – Choose from our wide range of bespoke materials to find the best material
  2. Quoting and Ordering – Once you have selected your material, we offer a free quoting service on a no-obligations basis, but we require a kitchen plan or measurements.
  3. Templating – Once your kitchen is fitted, we visit your home and laser template the exact size of your kitchen.
  4. Workshop Process – The template is then sent to our workshop and used to precisely cut your chosen material to the required measurements. The material is then polished, and any finishing touches are made at this stage.
  5. Fitting and Installation – This is the final step of the process. We aim to fit your worktops 7 – 10 days from the date of templating.

Can I get an outdoor kitchen worktop?

Yes, you can! Outdoor kitchens have soared in popularity in recent years!

They are the perfect way to entertain and enjoy the warmer months without compromising the convenience of cooking indoors.

Outdoor kitchens can range from a simple BBQ to a fully functioning kitchen with granite or ceramic worktops.

An outdoor kitchen worktop is a handy surface that will make outdoor cooking and hosting much more accessible.

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality outdoor kitchen countertops in various styles and colours, all designed to fit beautifully into the setting.

Why Consider Magma Granite?

Our family-run and owned business specialising in manufacturing bespoke kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, bar tops and a wide range of surfaces.

We have many years of experience in the trade and pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship.

All our products are finished to the highest standard, and we pay exceptional attention to detail from start to finish. You will therefore be guaranteed a first-class job every time.

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