Silver Granite Kitchen Worktops & Kitchen Countertops in Silver Granite

The kitchen is the most important and valuable room in your home, and silver granite worktops are durable, functional and add timeless elegance to a kitchen. The natural stone of silver granite kitchen worktops will add beauty and worth to your kitchen and be not only a pleasure to use but also an investment, increasing the value of your home.

Silver granite worktops are an enduring symbol of strength combined with sophistication and understated elegance when it comes to kitchen style. Silver granite kitchen worktops are a classic choice that transcends all kitchen design whims to contribute sleek, lasting appeal.

Magma Granite is a family run business based in Flintshire with a highly experienced team specialising in manufacturing and installing the finest quality quartz and silver granite countertops. The best silver granite countertops begin with the best granite. We use only the finest suppliers around the world. It arrives at our workshops in sizable slabs that are already surface polished and ready to be transformed into beautiful worktops that can grace design-conscious kitchens in various configurations to suit families and busy lifestyles.

Our superb granite is available in various hues, so should you want silver, there will be an option to complement the décor of your kitchen. Granite is a remarkable and popular material that never goes out of style. It is thought to be the oldest variety of rock on the planet and was first formed millions of years ago. Granite's structure is crystalline, with interconnected crystals formed when magma - or molten rock below the ground - heats up and cools down. Naturally occurring in a wide range of shades, granite is an extraordinary material that always gives authentically powerful results. Polished granite harnesses an astonishing feat of nature, which can bring lasting allure to any kitchen.

Working with granite is a tradition that goes back over many centuries, and the methods and tools for working with granite have been greatly refined over many years. Granite can be found all around Britain as a feature of many famous landmarks, such as Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge in London.

When Magma Granite manufactures and installs bespoke silver granite worktops, you can feel confident that only the very best materials are used and finished to the highest standards by skilled artisans. You can be sure that our bespoke silver granite worktops will deliver many years of gleaming service while always looking impeccable and remaining unscathed by the busy demands of a working kitchen.

Attention to detail is the key when installing the best in silver granite countertops, and we are committed to exceptional work from start to finish. The first step is creating a laser template, from which your countertops will be made to fit the exact specifications of your kitchen space. When the template is complete, the laser files go back to our cutting edge workshop in Flintshire, where the slab of our silver granite is cut and polished to create silver granite worktops that have a flawless finish.

Our master craftspeople will plan the installation of your silver granite worktops, mapping out the cut and shape through to the final polish and finish. When we install your silver granite kitchen worktops, all you need to do is choose your preferred surface and leave it to us and our years of experience to create the meticulously finished silver granite countertops of your dreams.

When it comes to the best in silver granite kitchen worktops in the North West, homeowners throughout Cheshire, Chester, North Wales and Liverpool can turn to Magma Granite for exquisite stonework that will turn any kitchen into a palace.