Grey Granite Kitchen Countertops & Worktops

Are you considering a black granite worktop for your kitchen? Granite makes a beautiful and hard wearing countertop that will give your kitchen a modern, contemporary style and be easy to care for too. Black granite is used in various settings in addition to modern kitchens; in fact, it is ideal for all types of kitchen design. So if you are renewing your current kitchen or just wanting to give an older kitchen a facelift, why not consider using black granite worktops?

High Quality Black Granite

Granite is a naturally hard wearing material quarried worldwide, from Spain and Portugal to Africa and South America. Not only is granite hard wearing, but it is also beautiful and unique too and ideal material for a kitchen worktop. Granite has its origins in molten magma, and with the natural inclusions in the granite, you can find some beautiful finishes, from pure black granite to granite that looks as though it glitters with stars. And unlike many manufactured synthetic worktops, the uniqueness of the granite will give your kitchen a distinctive style, and a real connection to the natural world, that you will love to see and work with every day.

Kitchen Design

If you are installing a new kitchen or are happy with your current kitchen but just need to renew the worktops, black granite worktops are ideal. Black granite is perfect for a hard-working kitchen and complements a wide variety of kitchen designs. And once you have made the difficult decision as to which granite finish to choose, our experienced team will be able to cut your choice of black granite kitchen worktops to your own specifications, finish and install them too, creating your ideal bespoke black granite kitchen counters.

Colour Scheme

Black granite is an enduringly popular choice for kitchens as it complements most colour schemes. If your kitchen cabinets and walls are neutral in colour, you can use a complementary colour to give your neutral colour scheme a designer' lift' with a black granite kitchen worktop. Designers often recommend primary colours combined with black granite kitchen countertops as they work so well together. So consider using jewel-type colours of yellow, blue or red, in your kitchen accessories to bring out the innate beauty of your black granite kitchen worktops.

Care of Granite

Granite is an incredibly hard wearing material, which is why it is so popular with kitchen designers, but as with most surfaces, it does need some care and attention now and again to keep it looking at its best. Our staff will be able to advise you on the best choice of kitchen cleaners to keep your black granite worktop as good as new.


Granite comes in a range of qualities and prices, and we are sure you will be able to find something you will love from our highest quality selection. We have a range of black granite finishes to meet any design needs and budget. We cover the North-West including Liverpool, Chester, Cheshire and North Wales, so we can help you decide on the perfect black granite countertops for your kitchen and cut, finish and install them for you.

We are sure you will love our high-quality range of black granite for your bespoke kitchen worktops; the only problem you will have is which one to choose!

Damage resistant

One of the critical benefits of granite is its sheer strength and durability. Its resistance to scratching and abrasion from regular kitchen utensils makes it an ideal option for high traffic and preparation areas. Due to it’s low porosity it is also unaffected by spills and stains and domestic spillages.

Temperature resistant

Granite worktops, unlike other kitchen countertops, are resistant to UV rays and won't fade or discolour in direct sunlight. They can withstand hot temperatures, however we would always recommend using a trivet and never placing hot pans directly onto the surface. Granite is a superb choice for an outdoor kitchen or bar area, a home interior trend that has been rapidly rising since staying in became the new going out.


For all of its practicality and function, there is something intrinsically glamorous and chic about granite worktops. They reflect light, making any space feel brighter, lighter and airier. With Magma granite, in particular, the patterns and colours are so spectacular that they will add detail and design to any kitchen. Each surface is also totally unique, meaning that nobody else will have the exact same work surface as you do.


Granite has been used in building works for centuries, but it became popular on a wide scale in the 1970s for homeowners wanting to add style and glamour to their interiors. Since then, it has never gone out of style and remains the most popular kitchen countertop material, with over 64% of new homes using it for their kitchen worktops. Happily, granite is a material destined for a long life in any home or garden thanks to its composition, strength and sheer durability.

Low maintenance

Other than regularly cleaning a granite worktop, there really is no other care involved in its upkeep. Unlike other materials, it will provide long-lasting service with little to no repair work or maintenance. With style, durability, heat and stain resistance and very little maintenance, what more could you possibly ask for in a good kitchen, bathroom or outdoor work surface?