Granite Windowsills

A beautiful granite or quartz window sill can be the perfect way to complete the look of an all-new kitchen or to revamp an existing room. We are specialists in creating the highest quality, bespoke quartz or granite window sills, helping you to turn your interior design visions into a reality.

Our superior sills are made-to-measure and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements in terms of style and colour. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that we only utilise materials from suppliers that reflect our commitment to quality. These include such renowned manufacturing names as Silestone, Caesarstone and CRL Quartz Surfaces.

Extend your kitchen worktop design

We can create granite or quartz window sills for any room in your home, but they are a particularly popular choice for kitchens. Our windowsills finish off the look of a kitchen with quartz or granite worktops, making materials flow all the way through a room and ensuring a real feeling that every inch of the space has been beautifully planned and finished.

Quartz and granite window sills can ensure a real feeling of design unity and offer a very affordable and practical addition to beautifully bespoke worktops. This is especially true if you also feature upstands as part of your plans.

Adding upstands to your design

Including upstands in your kitchen design can bring everything together and allow worktops to really flow into a granite or quartz window sill. As they can often be created from offcuts, it is also affordable to add this finishing touch. The cost may be small, but the overall impact and sense of completion can be huge!

As well as looking stunning, a fully sealed granite or quartz window sill with a matching upstand is also an extremely practical choice. This is because the upstand fills in any gap between the window sill and the worktop, making it incredibly easy to wipe down and keep looking it's very best.

Why choose a granite or quartz window sill?

First and foremost, no material looks more beautiful than the high-quality quartz and granite that we can supply. The appeal of this type of window sill is not limited to appearance, however, and there are many other reasons why you might consider these sill options.

One of the most extraordinary things about granite and quartz window sills is their practicality and durability. They can easily cope with weather effects when windows are left open and even condensation when they aren't. They are also highly durable in an area that may need regular cleaning if you choose to keep plants on your sill or want to extend your hygienic cleaning routines to every centimetre of your kitchen space.

Creating your quartz or granite window sill

We can make granite or quartz window sills in almost any size. It is a good idea to decide on these while choosing your worktops to ensure the best possible match if this is what you want. This doesn't mean that you can't choose a sill upgrade in the future, however, and we can help you to choose the best possible option to complement an existing design.

Whilst one of the great things about quartz and granite window sills is their ability to create unity in a room's design, the realms of your imagination only confine the limits of their use. Whatever your vision, we will do all we can to help you bring it to life.