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Are you searching for your perfect kitchen? At Magma Granite, we specialise in bespoke Worktops in Chester.

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Worktops Chester

At Magma Granite, we’re specialists in working with and creating hand-crafted, artisan worktops such as granite and quartz!

What is Granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring substance formed as the inside of the earth is hot enough to melt rocks.

What does Granite contain?

Granite contains interlocking crystals which are randomly arranged and of various sizes. The crystals’ length depends on how quickly the magma cools and solidifies. The more slowly the magma cools, the bigger the crystals that form.

The Granite Worktops Chester Selection at Magma Granite

Unsure of what colour to select for your next worktop? Do not worry! We provide hundreds of different colours of granite worktops available from around the world.

From Angola Silver to Vicount White, our range of colours will leave you spoilt for choice!

Talk to our expert team or visit our offices, and we will find the best granite worktop for your home!

Do Quartz Worktops differ from granite?

The simple answer is… YES!

Quartz Worktops are manmade, whereas Granite Worktops are not.

Naturally occurring quartz minerals are ground down and mixed with additional by-products, creating a durable kitchen quartz worktop as an alternative to granite.

How are Quartz worktops made?

The crystals contained within quartz are more uniform due to the engineering of the stone.

When the quartz is coarsely ground, a more flecked appearance is achieved; a smoother appearance is achieved when the quartz is ground down to a fine substance.

What colours does Magma Granite offer for Quartz Worktops?

We provide three different colour groups at various prices to help you decide which Quartz Worktop you want for your home.

  • Price Group One: Black Mirror, Grey Reflection, Polar White, Quartz Reflection, Urban Grey
  • Price Group Two: Artic Shimmer Blanco Maple, Gracious, Grey Shimmer, Milkyway, Oasis, Oragnic White, Rapture, Silver Shimmer
  • Price Group Three: Calacatta, Calacatta Gold, Carrara, Dove Grey, Frozen, Manhattan, Messina, Permafrost, Pietra, Verona, White Attica

We also offer Ceramic Worktops to our excellent collection of worktops, and you can view some of our previous work here!

Why Consider Us?

The iconic style, strength and durability of granite and quartz deliver exceptional and breath-taking residential and commercial surfaces.

Our family-run and owned business specialising in manufacturing bespoke kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, fireplaces, bar tops and a wide range of surfaces.

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