Caesarstone Surfaces

We are proud stockists of Caesarstone quartz. Caesarstone is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality quartz surfaces. With a long history of supplying materials for both commercial and residential projects, Caesarstone is the top choice for many professionals. Caesarstone quartz is known for its stunning finish and excellent durability. Read on to learn a little about why this particular brand of quartz is so highly respected within the industry and about the attention to detail and technical know-how that goes into the finished product.

Why choose Caesarstone quartz?

Long prized for its beauty, quartz also happens to be one of the hardest minerals found in nature. Caesarstone quartz contains up to 90% natural quartz, making it a compelling choice. Combining an attractive appearance with high performance, it's simply one of the best materials you can use for your kitchen and bathroom projects and more.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, quartz is tougher than most marble, stone and granite. It can withstand heavy use and won't scratch or crack when treated correctly making it ideal for use in kitchens.

The low maintenance option

Caesarstone quartz is easy to care for and needs minimal cleaning. You won't need to treat, seal or polish your quartz surfaces. When it comes to cleaning, it's as simple as wiping down the surface with a cloth and household detergent. There's no need to buy specialist equipment or products - you probably already have everything you need to clean your quartz surfaces in your home. Because it's non porous and is so easy to clean, it's also a very hygienic option for kitchens in particular.

Versatile for all designs

Caesarstone quartz can be used to create any number of designs and can be cut to fit just about any space you desire. We can provide advice and answer any questions you might have about awkward spaces in your home and provide you with the best solutions for your design needs. Quartz can even be shaped to give a curved finish for a sleek design that looks great in contemporary homes.

Manufacturing excellence

Caesarstone uses only the finest raw materials, and a strict quality control process is in place to ensure standards are maintained at all times. Highly experienced and skilled staff check the raw material when it arrives to remove any sub-standard quartz. Technicians then blend around 90% natural quartz aggregates with polymer resins and pigments to create the finest commercial quartz around.

Once the materials have been mixed together, the mixture is transferred to a mould to create quartz slabs of various sizes. It is then compressed under extremely high pressure and vibrated at high speeds. This eliminates any air bubbles and creates a smooth surface. The next step is curing in a kiln, which adds solidity and strength. The finishing touches include calibration and polishing to ensure a beautiful end result.

There are strict quality control checks in place throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that any imperfections or problems will be spotted right away and only the best quartz product remains.

Here at Magma Granite, we are proud to supply Caesarstone quartz because we know that by doing so, we are delivering the highest quality materials to our customers. We only work with suppliers that we trust and respect, meaning you can rest assured your home improvements and renovations will be carried out using the best materials on the market.