Blue Granite Worktops & Bespoke Blue Granite Countertops

Magma Granite specialise in manufacturing custom made granite and quartz worktops. We are a family-run business based within the North West of the country, supplying high quality and superior granite and quartz surfaces to homes and businesses. The team is all about passion for installing and manufacturing our one of a kind granite countertops that will meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Here at Magma Granite, we offer a wide range of different colours of granite available from around the world. Some of our most popular colour worktops come in various shades of blue granite, such as Volga Blue, Blue Pearl and Blue in the Night. These are sure to make your kitchen countertops really stand out from the rest, whether you opt for blue granite worktops or our blue granite countertops.

Our blue granite kitchen worktops give you everything you could want in a busy kitchen! All the daily spills and knocks that a kitchen usually experiences are handled by our granite worktops with the greatest of ease. In addition to being an excellent investment, these polished and gleaming blue granite kitchen worktops are a style statement and will last for years in any kitchen environment.

The team at Magma Granite sources impeccable granite from trusted suppliers worldwide; suppliers who share our desire to produce high-quality premium products. We have many years of experience and craftsmanship here at Magma Granite, enabling us to deliver exceptional granite and quartz installations. Our bespoke blue granite worktops are absolutely stunning and will give any kitchen owner the high-quality finish they are looking for.

Here we polish and cut your one of a kind blue granite kitchen worktops in our specialised workshop. To create your perfect blue granite countertop, we will start by making an appointment to visit the kitchen space you want to transform. Next, we will make a template to get the size of your space and create laser files; this is what creates the flawless finish. We also make sure every piece of your granite worktop is quality checked, down to the smallest detail. Once this process is completed, we return to our workshop with all the files, and this is where the magic happens.

The next step is where the transformation of your kitchen will really begin. Our team at Magma Granite will deliver and, if needed, install your tailor-made worktop at your residential or commercial space.

Many homeowners are spending more and more time outside in the garden during the warmer months. Some of our clientele choose to continue the blue granite worktop theme outside, adding an outdoor kitchen to their garden or patio space. This can make a significant difference to the ease with which you can enjoy entertaining outdoors whilst reinforcing the style you have adopted internally. This removes the need to transfer food back and forth from your indoor kitchen. Magma Granite have you covered with our highly functional outdoor worktops that will fit into any outdoor space, offering years of reliable service.

So, whether you are looking to remodel indoors, outdoors or both with blue granite countertops, Magma Granite will be here to help you with every stage of the process.